Innovative strategies for health and safety at the workplace – a European exchange on the role of players of health promotion at company level

Workplace health promotion is an important concern of employees, their trade unions and companies too. Together with the different players of occupational health education and in cooperation with the organizations


• IG Metall Salzgitter-Peine, the administrative office Salzgitter – Peine of the German trade union for heavy industries, engineering and electronics

• NiedersachsenMetall, the Lower-Saxony’s employers’ organization of the metal working industry

• Demografieagentur für die Niedersächsische Wirtschaft in Deutschland, the Agency for Demography for Lower Saxony‘s industry in Germany

• EKN, the Croatian trade union of the chemical industry

• VASAS, the Hungarian metalworkers‘ union, and

• KZZ “Metalowcy”, the Polish trade union of metal working industry


ARBEIT UND LEBEN Niedersachsen wishes to introduce and develop participation-oriented concepts which could be implemented in Lower-Saxony, in the project countries, maybe even Europe-wide. The project is co-financed by the European Union.


The objectives are to promote the social dialogue between employers and employees and to develop social partner strategies on company health care and risk prevention.


By learning about other forms of company health promotion and by exchanging good practices of all countries involved, the occupational health representatives will gain fresh impetus. This is what the project stands for.


On these pages we will inform you about our work. We always welcome feedback!